Biotech Innovators: Plan Globally, Act Locally

Biotech Innovators: Plan Globally, Act Locally

Jupiter helps biotech innovators build custom optimal market access and pricing solutions tailored to local market dynamics and payer requirements 

As we continue to expand our presence globally, the breadth of Jupiter’s experience with companies throughout the world uniquely qualifies us to help biotech innovators shape value, navigate market access and optimize price for appropriate patients in almost any locale.

There are key areas to focus on in advance of a global product launch and rollout. Jupiter can help guide companies through each of the following aspects:

  • Understand local market dynamics, today and tomorrow. It’s critical to have a strong grasp of the pharmaceutical landscape in advance of any global launch effort. To do so, you must ask questions like: What are the local healthcare priorities and policy trends? What is the appropriate comparator? What is the reference value and price of the competition? What are the evidentiary requirements for your desired market access and price? What are the disruptive market access and pricing trends that you need to be prepared for tomorrow? Jupiter can help you decipher all of this. In many locales around the world, we’ve already helped other firms navigate the same terrain.


  • Know the local market access decision-makers and stakeholders that matter. It’s important to think of payers broadly. Payers should be considered any stakeholder who determines or influences the evaluation and purchase decision of your product. Ministries of Health and other governmental agencies, Health Technology Assessment organizations that evaluate actual benefit and benefit improvements, policymakers, physicians, patients and local advocates can all influence the purchase decision. Before announcing your presence and pricing, it’s important to reach out to all these constituencies to understand the value messages that resonate most highly with them, and the sort of evidence they’re looking for to get your product to appropriate patients, their priorities and opportunities for alignment. Payers learn from other payers, but their attitudes, beliefs and behaviors can all vary widely from one market to another.


Jupiter Life Science has local expertise around the world that can help you craft custom market access strategies that will reach the maximum number of patients at optimal prices in your market

  • Consider your options. Once you have a solid grasp and deep understanding of local payer perspectives, you’re in a better position to consider market access and pricing alternatives. Jupiter has extensive experience developing pricing scenarios (qualitative and quantitative research on value, price setting and launch sequencing), managed entry agreements (risk share agreements, payer segmentation, contracting options), and considering trade-offs between price and access.


  • Develop custom and actionable solutions. Once you’ve assessed local variables and considered local trade-offs, Jupiter can help you define and build very specific demand generation tactics, fast go-to-market strategies and appropriate tools to monitor and manage your product over its lifecycle.


Jupiter’s renowned global expertise in oncology and rare diseases offers an additional strategic edge when navigating various local and specialized markets. The Jupiter team includes seasoned experts with decades of experience introducing market access and pricing solutions for a variety of diseases across all major commercialization regions including the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. That hands-on experience, and our broad network of regional and local market access stakeholders, allow us to offer rare depth and breadth in counsel to our clients.

Drill down on case studies of some of Jupiter’s work to date. Contact us today about your next product in the works, whether it’s in early or late stage clinical development or already launched. Call us at 833-JUPLIFE (833-587-5433) or write us at A consultant from one of our 10 worldwide offices will quickly be in touch to explain where and how we might best be able to help you gain access to the maximum number of appropriate patients at the optimal reimbursed price.